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How to Choose an SMS Aggregator in the Philippines Yondu Blog Featured Image

How to Choose an SMS Aggregator For Your Business

Find out the essential factors you need to consider when choosing an SMS aggregator for your business in the Philippines.
Yondu supports Globe's bold move to go beyond telco blog featured image

Yondu supports Globe’s bold move to go beyond telco

Yondu, a top IT company and Globe’s IT subsidiary enables many of the solutions in the Globe Business eComm Plug-and-Play to help retail businesses meet the ever-evolving needs of their customers.
IT Engineer Standing Beside Server Rack Cabinets

Cloud Orchestration 101: Everything You Need to Know

Cloud orchestration helps businesses coordinate automated tasks and streamline workflow. Learn more about how this technology can benefit your business.
IT manager analyzing the architecture of ERP

8 Tips for a Successful Cloud ERP Implementation

ERP implementation may pose challenges, but there are ways to make sure your ERP project is positioned for success. Here are tips to consider.
Workers in logistics warehouse checking the inventory with data being supplied by an ERP system

Which Acumatica Edition Does Your Business Need?

Use innovative tools to support your business growth. Learn more about how Acumatica’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can help you manage your business effectively.
Female IT technician selecting cloud

A Comprehensive Cloud Migration Handbook

Cloud migration may sound like a big undertaking. But with this guide, you can move your data to the cloud with ease while reducing business costs.

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